Why Tufts? Intellectually Playful. Kind. Collaborative. Civically Engaged. Globally Minded.

While Tufts students are as multidimensional as the Hill they call home, these descriptors tend to define our community. Located just five miles outside of Boston, Tufts values close student-faculty collaboration, unique interdisciplinary research, and diversities of all kinds.
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We believe that the cost of attending Tufts should not be a barrier to students and their families. Which is why Tufts proudly meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students, regardless of citizenship status.


Through our application process, we seek to understand your lived experiences, your schooling, your aspirations, and your interest in Tufts. We thank you for considering Tufts and look forward to reviewing your application. Apply Now

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Is Computer Science (or insert-major-here) for me?      The leaves are falling in bright amber, and as the weather gradually gets a little colder and the late nights working on CS assignments get a little longer, I find myself thinking back to the time when I declared my majors. As much as people might…
Do I Need Four Years of a Foreign Language?       As you have been researching potential colleges lately, I’m sure you’ve come across a handful of confusing distinctions. One such thing that we get asked about a lot at Tufts is the rigor of your high school curriculum. This might feel like an…
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