Why Tufts? Intellectually Playful. Kind. Collaborative. Civically Engaged. Globally Minded.

While Tufts students are as multidimensional as the Hill they call home, these descriptors tend to define our community. Located just five miles outside of Boston, Tufts values close student-faculty collaboration, unique interdisciplinary research, and diversities of all kinds.
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We believe that the cost of attending Tufts should not be a barrier to students and their families. Which is why Tufts proudly meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students, regardless of citizenship status.


Through our application process, we seek to understand your lived experiences, your schooling, your aspirations, and your interest in Tufts. We thank you for considering Tufts and look forward to reviewing your application. Apply Now

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Dare To Ask: How I Got My Internship   Once I got to college, I felt immense pressure to “figure out my life.” In my head, the best way to do that was to find an internship, and at first, I didn’t really know where to start. What I needed was a starting line, and I got that, quite literally…
How to use the 2020 disruption question   I would like to start the blog with a moment for everyone to take a deep breath. Pause. Deep breath.  Did you do it? Really, we mean it. Please take a deep breath.   We know the application cycle and school year look very different compared to…
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